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LR220 Room Hire - Restrictions

LR220 Room Hire - RestrictionsRowood Suite & Greenaliegh Room

We do not Allow:
  • The Hirer or any of the hirer’s guests to bring in Alcohol or any other kind of drink. (If you are having alcoholic raffle prizes, you must get approval from the secretary, this will only be allowed subject to approval and the prizes being with-held until the end of the night).
  • The Hirer or any of the hirer’s guests to bring in food of any kind.
  • Food supplied by the Club Catering is for consumption at the club (regardless to who paid for it) Health and Safety guidlines are followed regarding the length of time food is out and considered safe for consumption. Anyone trying to hide food and take it home will be asked to leave.
  • Fireworks or Fires
  • Candles
  • Glitter confetti
  • Sellotape fixings to walls
  • Smoke machines
  • Drinks Glasses or bottles on Dance Floor
  • No use off Talc/Water/Oils
  • No Balls ( Footballs, Tennis, Soft Balls, or any type of item that can be used like a Ball)
We also do not hire out these rooms for:
  • Children's birthday parties for under the age of 21.
  • NO 18th Birthdays Parties
Also Please Note: 
  • Birthday Parties for 21st are subject to go to committee for approval first before confirmation. The Committee decision is final.
  • All equipment has to have PAT testing certificate and Public Liability documents supplied to the venue one month before event.
  • We supply SIA Door staff for all events in The Rowood Suite this is chargeable.
This list is not exhaustive and changes may be applied at any time.