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Room Hire Information Needed On Email

To avoid delay when requesting room hire.

We need to know:
  • Are you a member, if so what is your club membership number? (You don’t necessarily have to be a member but you will need to be sponsored by a member)
  • What Type of Event is it? (Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary etc)
  • What room are you enquiring about The Rowood or Greenaleigh? (To see information about each room go to the room hire tab)
  • It is important for you to read the restrictions  (Please click on the button below to download the PDF)
  • What is your preferred date?
  • How many guests?
  • Food Requirements: Open Kitchen, Buffet, Silver Service? (Compulsory with Rowood Room Hire)
  • What times start and finish?
  • The costs do depend on some of the answers above?
Once you know all the above please email it to us:

Please Note:
  • We do not just email room hire forms out; an appointment will be made with the secretary at an agreed time. (Please do not turn up at the club without a confirmed appointment).
  • Room Hire is not confirmed until after a site meeting and a 50% deposit is received

Room Hire Restrictions